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Welcome Center Food Valley

Welcome Center Food Valley (WCFV) provides easy access to the Food Valley for highly-skilled migrants. Whether you are relocating an expat for the first time or are already used to hiring foreign employees, we ensure a smooth and fast immigration. Your new employee can start working at your company quickly after arrival in the Netherlands, and we save you time and money. Arrive in the Netherlands today, start working next week; we make it possible.


  • Full-service for employers and foreign professionals
  • Complete coordination and execution of formalities
  • No unexpected surprises


  • One contact person for the whole process
  • All formalities arranged well and fast
  • Multiple procedures in one go

Team up with our immigration consultants

Our experienced immigration consultants have an extensive knowledge of immigration law, legal procedures and documentation processes. They are experts in helping organisations and foreign professionals team up.

Our team


  • Arrive in the Netherlands today, start working next week
  • Full assistance on immigration formalities
  • Practical information for the expat


  • Warm welcome to the region
  • Strategic partners
  • Extensive collaboration

“The consultants at Expat Center Food Valley really help us, and our expats and non EU interns, by arranging the complicated employment and residence permits to our complete satisfaction.”

Marloes van Meeteren – Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen

“I am grateful for your priceless help to me. Thank you very much for your quick response and help.”

Murat Yanet

“Moving to a new place can be very stressful. For me, travelling and settling in the Netherlands was never hard, because I had all the necessary support and information at each step from Expat Center Food valley in Wageningen.”

Steve Gowelo

“We have been satisfied with the services of the Expat Center Food Valley for many years now. The highly skilled migrants feel very welcome in the Netherlands because of their customer-friendly approach.”

Marlies Koggel