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New to hiring

When you wish to hire a foreign professional for the first time, there are some obligations to meet. At Expat Center Food Valley, we guide you through the entire immigration process for expats. From the preparation and execution of applications and formalities to providing information about further arrangements.

Recognition as a sponsor has the following advantages:

  • Faster residence permit application for future expats.
  • The possibility of applying for a residence permit without having to recruit inside the European Union first.
  • More possibilities to hire an employee from outside the EU.
  • Family members can be relocated to the Netherlands more easily.

In order to become a recognised sponsor, you must meet a number of legal obligations. We advise you about these specific obligations and explain the responsibilities you have as a recognised sponsor. We also advise you about the application process.

What we check:

  • Whether or not the expat’s wage is in line with the market.
  • Whether or not other conditions are applicable.

The residence permit can be picked up at our IND in-house desk on the first Thursday after arrival in the Netherlands.

What we check:

  • What is your new employee’s country of origin?
  • Does your new employee meet the conditions for a residence permit for highly skilled migrants?
  • What type of visa is required, if any?
  • Which other conditions are applicable?

Which biometric data does IND collect for the residence permit?

  • A fingerprint scan.
  • A passport photo. The photo will be made at our IND in-house desk.
  • The foreign professional’s signature.

The residence permit can be picked up at our IND in-house desk within 1 or 2 weeks after the biometrics appointment.

Which conditions apply to the registration, depends on the length of stay and the country of origin.

Once the residence permit has been issued, your new employees will register themselves with the municipality of Wageningen. They will immediately receive their BSN.

Which information do we provide?

  • Things to be arranged additionally.
  • Practical information about the Wageningen region and Food Valley.
  • Information on matters such as financial affairs, insurance, education and training, and Dutch law and regulations.

“The consultants at Expat Center Food Valley really help us, and our expats and non EU interns, by arranging the complicated employment and residence permits to our complete satisfaction.”

Marloes van Meeteren – Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen

“We have been satisfied with the services of the Expat Center Food Valley for many years now. The highly skilled migrants feel very welcome in the Netherlands because of their customer-friendly approach.”

Marlies Koggel